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 What is 'Shutout'?

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What is 'Shutout'? Empty
PostSubject: What is 'Shutout'?   What is 'Shutout'? I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 21, 2010 1:58 pm

'Shutout' is an Alliance 10men - raiding guild of the European Server Argent Dawn.

The guild was formed in January '10 by Carnessa and Gunho, two raiders who were looking for a decent 10m - raiding guild for the newly released Icecrown Citadel, but also to hunt achievements in TOGC10 or Ulduar 10. Ideas became more and more realistic and soon the "project" started. And this is the outcome of we which we can be proud.

The goal of 'SO' is to get a solid team of 10 raiders for Icecrown Citadel, clearing it and preparing for Icecrown Citadel [10] heroic mode. We'll also go for the more challenging achievements in Trial of the Grand Crusader [10] and Ulduar [10].

If you want to become part of 'SO', got up-to-date gear and love to raid (like we do), don't hesitate to create an application in the recruitment forum! We welcome raiders as well as social members. If you're just here to visit the webpage or to collect information, feel free to look through the rest of the visible part of the forum. Enjoy!

If you have specific questions related to the forum or the logo, contact Carnessa or Gunho via a PM or post in our "Suggestions & Critique" - thread.

However, have fun and enjoy your time here!
- Carnessa
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What is 'Shutout'?
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