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 Raiding Schedules & Organizing of 'Shutout'

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Raiding Schedules & Organizing of 'Shutout' Empty
PostSubject: Raiding Schedules & Organizing of 'Shutout'   Raiding Schedules & Organizing of 'Shutout' I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 21, 2010 2:13 pm

'Shutout' might be "just" a 10m - raiding guild, but we put much effort in the guild and want to have a high standard. Decent and mature behaviour is as well required as the fun to raid and to be prepaired for the raids. If you want to become a raider of 'SO' there are a few things you should be informed of:

1) Raiding days

'SO' has two major raiding days: MONDAY and WEDNESDAY. There could also be off-groups on THURSDAY or SATURDAY, those will mostly be used to go for rare achievements, additional loot from various raids, et cetera. Those raids are not mandatory.

2) Raiding times

All times are server times. Raid invites will always start at 19:40 and end at 19:50. The raid starts with the first pull at 20:00, where everyone should be in the instance, buffed and ready to go. Raids end at 23:00.

3) Attendance

With being a small group and only two raiding days during the week, we need to have a very high attendance, preferably 100%. We are aware that real life does not care about this issue and tends to mess it up. Should this be the case, if possible let an us know beforehand either ingame or through the forums.

4) Raid leading & communication

The invites will always be started by an officer of 'SO'. Bad behaviour, consciously causes of wipes, et cetera and leaving the raid before its end without a serious reason will be punished.
'SO' is using Ventrilo to communicate during the raids. Server information & password will be given to trialists and members only.

5) Raid sign ups

You are able to sign up for the raids via the forum. Explanations and help will be given to raiding members only.

6) Looting

'SO' is using an own looting system, explained here.

7) Raid preparation

Before you go to a raid with 'SO', be sure to be equipped with flasks, reagents and, if possible, feasts and food. Have your gear repaired, your add-ons up-to-date and activated. Not being prepaired makes a bad impression!

8) Behaviour

Mature behaviour is required in raids as well as out of raids. Social members and raiding members who're dragging our reputation in the mud will be taken to task.
This does not mean that we do not understand any fun! Fun is the "power" that keeps people in the game and we are not going to forbid it.

9) Social members & guild ranks

A social member of the guild is a member who is not raiding with us at all. Social members could be guildless friends of other members in the guild or just people who are looking for a guild. They "keep the guild alive".
'SO' is having an easy ranking system (could be changed anytime during the pre-recruiting phase)

- Guild Leader (Carnessa)
- Officers (Gunho)
- Members
- Trials
- BBQ (alts)

10) 'Shutout' and the RP...

'SO' is not a Role-Playing guild for hardcore-RPers. There won't be any RP-events interior and the guild won't take part on server-wide RP events.
Social & raiding members can feel free to RP whenever they want and whereever they want to (as long as it isn't in raids and doesn't affect the raiding times). The guild chat is OOC.


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Raiding Schedules & Organizing of 'Shutout'
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